Dreambent Studios Presents:
For the past three years The Walking Canvas (Human Tattoo Gallery) has been focusing on freeing it’s audience of the stigmas associated with the art of tattooing and those who collect tattoos, by producing an interactive event that aims at dispensing the labels of judgment and superstition within ourselves and society. From the people who collect them, to the artist who produce them, this thriving culture has once again emerged to leave a mark in many people’s lives. Tattooing has been a part of history since the discovery of Otzi the iceman found between Austria and Italy dating back to 3370BC. American sailors and renegades of all social groups kept the craft alive when only a few members of society dared to express themselves thru the process of tattooing their skin with the aid of electric coil machines. A trademark tool of the craft, modified after Thomas Edison’s electric pen invention of 1875. In recent years the industry has boomed with the adaptation of popularity television and the world spread explosion of social media. And yet, the influx in awareness has left much to be desired in the sector of acceptance. Bringing the art of tattooing to mainstream media has done little to upgrade the conversations we hold inside our daily interactions with each other. To raise the norms of what it means to be a human adorned with tattoos, and bring forth the integration of tattooing as a worldwide-accepted phenomenon. In countries like Cuba, the whole industry of tattooing is banned and illegal. You may say, well it is to be expected with all the changes and turmoil the country has undergone in recent years, but today, in our country, there are establishments that will turn you away for having a visible tattoo on your hands, neck, or face. What we’ve discovered is that if we are to transform the way in which tattooing is perceived, we must first shift the paradigm of perception.

The Walking Canvas is an experiment in perception. We will present 10 human canvases, and get into dialogue about what it means to live inside the labels of judgment and superstition. These remarkable interactions will shed light on blind spots that have been limiting us from seeing life as it is, in order to shift our mindset to what can be. Many of us have lived in a world that doesn’t feel real, feeling that there’s has to be more, that there’s something so restraining about the way in which we lead our lives, counter to our intuition. That there’s more that lies beneath the surface, that appearances are deceiving, and that past our outer shell there’s beauty inside us all. On Friday August 18th, when you lay your head of your pillow, you will know “It’s not what you see on the Outside”