Dreambent Studios Presents
The Walking Canvas is simple, it is similar to a regular art gallery in which art is celebrated, however, in this gallery we don’t just celebrate art but the people who collect art. Specifically those who collect art on their bodies. In this free community event you will witness some incredible tattoos on even more incredible people, which inspired the name The Walking Canvas. We invite you to join us Saturday October 1st for an experience unlike any other where we celebrate people as individuals and the craft of tattooing I’ve so fallen in love with for over 10 years. There will be food, drinks, giveaways, entertainment and many surprises. If you attended the first Walking Canvas, thank you and prepare yourself for an even better experience. If you haven’t, welcome to the family. You are in for a treat that rewards you for your presence. We look forward to seeing all the FAMILIA(r) faces and all the new ones as well.