Dreambent Studios Tattoo
We are Dreambent Studios Tattoo. We draw, paint, tattoo and make a true difference in people's lives. It's our mission to give every one of you an experience you'll never forget and at the end of it all, a tattoo with all the quality to wow family and friends. A unique and individualized piece of art that endures the test of time.

Eddie, Mika and Mowgli can be reached at their individual email addresses (link in artist bio and contact link) and by phone at 720.425.5505

Give us a call before stopping by as we like to dedicate our full undivided attention to our clients/family on the tattoo chair. As much as we'd love to, can't do both at the same time. Consultations are easy to set up, call or text us with your availability and we will do our best to accommodate. We remain nice and busy but never too busy to sit down and discuss your tattoo design ideas.

To those who have contributed to our success we thank you for your unconditional support, business and loyalty for without you there would be no us. We look forward to tattooing you, your friends, your wife, neighbor and everyone our Dreambent Family sends our way!

Con mucho Amor,

- Dreambent Cr3w