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I am Eddie, we've all struggled with life and addiction to substances or actions that have proven detrimental to our lives. Some of us have some degree of control, some think we have control and some get completely consumed by it. For years my uncle Carlos and son Carlitos have been in the clutches of addiction and are part of PROAC a rehabilitation center that serves over 30 people in Juarez, Chihuahua with little to no resources and a relapse rate that's staggering. I recently attended a seminar called the Forum and experienced a transformation in 3 days thru intense conversation with 139 other participants about life. Real life. I can only describe it as the most ingenious life hack that writers in the past always eluded to but failed to arrange it in a language that reached the heart of every being. Dreambent Studios Tattoo will exist no more after March 1st, but the contribution of this benefit/fundraiser will last a lifetime. I intend to collect funds to cover travel, stay and tuition for my uncle, his son and three key members of their rehab program to transform their lives and in turn become catalysts for transformation for the rest of their center and community.
But I'm not stopping there, in my hometown of El Paso, Texas there is a transition living facility called "Winchester House" where 12 young men between the ages of 18-25 have found refuge in. Some have come from foster care, broken homes, or other circumstances that have left them on their own. Suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental disorders. I intend to provide 5 of them with the same opportunity and bring them out to Denver to participate in the Forum with all expenses covered so they too become catalyst for transformation.
To all my Dreambent Familia I am accepting any donations to support the cause. Any contribution is welcomed.
Join me in celebrating Dreambent Studios and lets stand for the opportunity to make a difference.
Social Creative/ Close Out Party Fundraiser Date & Time: Sat Feb 25th @ 6:00pm. Location: Dreambent Studios 11546 Colony Row. Broomfield, CO 80021
Let the funding begin!!!
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